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Christian Learning Center

This brand new center will provide a loving space for your little ones to learn through play and spend time throughout the day with Christian programming. Let us take care of your little one while you’re away with the peace of mind that they are learning Christian principles in their everyday lives.


Christian Programming

At Little Smiles Christian Learning Center, there is no shortage of love for your child. Your child will feel safe in the environment we provide. You can rest assured that your child will be loved and appreciated for who they are. At Little Smiles Christian Learning Center, we work to understand your child and nourish his/her individual needs. We understand that no two children are the same and will do everything we can to meet the specific needs of your little one.  

Little Smiles Christian Learning Center offers a full Preschool program that meets national standards.  We use the High Scope Curriculum and incorporate Bible stories as well as prayer at opening, closing, and lunch.  Your child will learn everything necessary to ready him or her for Kindergarten.


Your child will be taken outside to play daily, except in the cases of extreme weather conditions. Your child will be regularly taken to the attached park with our staff. Each staff member will be assigned no more than four children at a time during these excursions and will walk holding the children’s hands along the sidewalk to and from the park. Children must be signed out and signed back in.

Healthy Meals

We are committed to providing healthy meals and snacks to the children in our care, based on state guidelines. At Little Smiles Daycare, we provide the following: breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. We provide all of the food – including formula!

We love to hear your feedback, reviews, or suggestions. Please feel free e-mail us at any time. Please contact us today for additional information, questions, or comments.

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